On November 5th, Vote for Dominick Puzio for Hunterdon County Sheriff

Hunterdon County, while one of the top counties in the country, is not exempt from the ravages of drug addiction and crime.  While bucolic and rural, the lack of leadership by our Sheriff has not stemmed the tide of aggression related to drugs and crime.

Working at the highest level of law enforcement as an investigator for the State of New Jersey, I’ve seen what works across the state and I know what will work for Hunterdon County. As your Sheriff I will implement the following programs immediately so that we can move to at least a minimum level of service and then exceed that level.


CLEAR Community Law Enforcement Addiction Recovery

Successfully piloted by the Union County Sheriff this program will help to keep the victims of drug abuse and addiction away from the slippery slope of violent crime and offenses. The net effect is a substantial reduction in theft and burglaries throughout our County.


Successfully executed by the Morris County Sheriff, this program quickly deploys Sheriff’s Officers and medical personnel to high risk communities to support families affected by drug addiction and educate them on how to intervene with proper resources to stop the addiction.

Support to Local Municipal Budgets

As Sheriff, you would see my officers, patrolling our neighborhoods and supporting local law enforcement while providing community confidence. By providing the services that a Sheriff and his officers should provide means relief to local budgets from expensive overtime charges related to emergencies.  That’s our COUNTY taxes at work.

Serve and Protect the Community

It is our responsibility to change the Sheriff Brown culture of doing less with more.

Our first responsibility as law enforcement officers is to serve and protect the community.  I strongly believe in keeping politics out of law enforcement policies/practices.  The Hunterdon County Sheriff should serve and protect ALL residents of our County regardless of where a person was born, sexual orientation, race, creed, color and religion.  I will work with all parties in making educated decisions that affect our community.